Our Story

The Smuggle Your Booze concept was created when the economy was hurting in 2010.  People wanted to be out and about, but the cost of drinks was so high.  People go to concerts, festivals, sporting events and cruises.  After spending already so much money on the tickets, you are left to pay $15-$25 for a drink.  Ridiculous!  With Smuggle Your Booze, you can bring your own booze in with you and bypass that cost!!  Going to the beach, pool, night club, golf course or even a dry wedding?  Smuggle Your Booze!  Our creative line of flasks allow the customer to easily fill and pour their drinks anytime anywhere!! Our flasks are BPA free and have the best artwork to help you Smuggle where ever you go!!

The economy is facing challenges again, and consequently, there is an increased demand for our products.