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Smuggle Your Booze®

Smuggle Your Booze Tampon Flasks

Smuggle Your Booze Tampon Flasks

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Tampon Box - 5 Booze Tubes with 5 Wrappers

Fake Tampon booze tubes – Smuggle Your Booze 

Yes you read that correctly. Fake Tampon booze tubes; no need to double check. If you are fed up of paying high drink costs on a night out then why not smuggle in your own booze with you and just pay for a mixer? With these brilliant Fake Tampon Tubes from Smuggle Your Booze, you can do exactly that. Simply fill with your chosen spirit, insert top plug, and slip into the tampon wrapper.

No bouncer in his right mind is going to ask to look at your tampons and no one is going to look twice at your concealed drink. Perfect for nights out, festivals, Cruise ships, the races, a secret Santa gift or even just something to raise a laugh on a girls night out.

Products are food & beverage safe and each pack contains 5 tubes and wrappers. Additional wrappers can be purchased if needed.

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