The Ultimate BYOB Gift Package The Ultimate Super Woman Package
$36 $66
Includes 1-10 oz Sunscreen Flask, 4 Boobie Bags, 5 reusable Booze Tubes with 10 Tampon Wrappers, and the NEW 7 oz. Hand Cream Flask and 4 oz Hand Sanitizer Combo Pack Smuggle Your Booze and Stand Up have got you covered with the 2015 Ultimate Event Package. We'll be calling ourselves the StandingSmugglers. Includes 36 count Super Woman Stand Up/Sunscreen/Tampon/Hand Crème/Hand Santizer/Boobie Bags 

Sunscreen Flask Bottle with funnel and 5 seals

Boobie Bags Four 4oz bags

Pkg A:
5 Reusable Booze Tubes w/caps and 10 Tampon Wrappers

Hand Creme/Hand Sanitizer Combo pack with 5 seals


Overpriced tickets for events but YOU GOTTA GO!  Overpriced drinks? Hey we got you covered!  Bring your favorite beverage of choice and don't wait in those long lines to pay WAY too much $$$.  No leaving your seat for a refill!

  • Events allow sunscreen!!
  • Tested and proven – our product is like no other on the market
  • 8 oz of party fun!!
  • Food and Beverage safe!
  • Shoot it, Mix it, Share it!
  • Enjoy the beverage of your choice!!

Women: INSTANT BOOB JOB!  Our Boobie Bags will give you a 4 oz “lift” each side while comfortably  hidden in your bra. 

Men: NO SOCKS NECESSARY! Hide them in your skivies or wherever you choose to put them.   

 *Comes in packs of 4 with funnel to fill.
 * Durable, reusable, screw top, leak proof 4 oz plastic bags
 * Food and beverage safe 

THE UNTOUCHABLE!  Guys won’t even look at a tampon much less handle it at security. 

WOMEN – You know you gotta have it!  The tampon shot holder will never be questioned at your venue.  

 *Easy fill, leak proof cap fits 1 shot of your choice.   

  • Throw in your purse or pocket for a quick shot whenever and wherever you want it.
  • 5 reusable tubes and 10 one use tampon wrappers.

Our NEW 7 oz Hand Creme Flask will have you smuggling at indoor events. The Bonus travel size 4 oz Hand Sanitizer Flask is within carry on guidelines. Combine these with the Sunscreen, Tampon and Soft flasks and you have a real PARTY!
Sunscreen and Purse Pack (6 piece) Tampon and Purse Pack (6 piece) Soft Flask (aka Boobie Bag) and Festival Pack (18 piece) Hand Crème/Hand Sanitizer Combo and Festival Pack (18 piece)
$16 $16 $28 $28
BYOB 10 oz Flask and Boycott the Squat with 6 piece Purse Pack Looks like you're ready for that heavy flow this month. Psych! Take a shot while in line to pee standing up in the port-a-potty. Bring the party anywhere and make sure those gross port-a-potties don't kill your buzz. Twice the party! You won't need hand sanitizer anyway since you're Standing Up and keeping your distance from the mess.

THE ULTIMATE BYOB, or as we like to call it, SYOB (Smuggle Your Own Booze)
At a concert, festival, beach, fair or sporting event our product is there with you!! The new and convenient way to bring your beverage of choice to ANY event, ANYWHERE!! Our products have been tested and have gotten in to all events listed above undetected!! No Hassle!!

All our products are SAFE for FOOD AND BEVERAGE!!!